Artist Interview: Airbase

On March 4 the very first Airbase compilation “Flashover Recordings Presents Airbase” will be released. The compilation will feature the cross section of the best classic and modern trance music out there, including a brand new track from Jezper aka Airbase himself; “Lachrymose”. We talk to the man behind beautiful trance tracks such as “Escape”, “Denial”, “Medusa” and of course “Panache”.

First of all, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. How is life treating you at the moment Jezper?

My pleasure! I’m keeping busy as always ☺

After the release of “Modus Operandi” in May 2013, we had to wait for 1½ years for a new Airbase release (December 2014; “Panache”). What was the reason for this long break?

The honest answer is that I’ve been fighting with writers block on and off for a few years. I also have very high expectations on myself which results in fewer tracks. But for this specific period, I haven’t had as much time to spend in the studio as I wanted. But that’s over now, I’m trying to ramp it all up again!

Your first mix compilation will be released very soon. How did you choose the tracks for the compilation?

I don’t only have high expectations on my own work, I really wanted to make a perfect compilation of tracks I truly like, that represents where my taste in trance music is at. I wanted great songs that would mix well together, so I did the only thing I could: I listened to as many songs I could, well over 100 new tracks. I also wanted to treat the listeners to a new Airbase track.

Your fans will be thrilled to hear the first track on the compilation; a brand new Airbase track called “Lachrymose”. Can you tell us something more about this track?

Absolutely! Lachrymose has been long in the making. I believe I wrote the intro in 2010, and I’ve been coming back to it every once in a while. I thought it showed great promise but I couldn’t figure out where to take it. Since I’m a sucker for intros, I came back to this project when planning for the compilation, and gave it another shot. I thought it gave me the perfect opening setting the tone for the album.

Many people might know you from the forum (memories!). Do you miss the forums since social media took over the last years?

Social media is a great evolution of the old forums, but what you miss from is the sense of belonging to a community. I remember as a great community with wonderful friends and I sure miss it. I’d love to bring it back 🙂

What do you miss the most from the forums?

The lovely friends I made there! It was like a theme based social media platform before social media was a thing 🙂

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

I’ve been on Twitter for a long time, so that’s my preferred place. I like to follow people who provide insights into topics I am interested in. I also like to follow people with different opinions and values, it provides good insights into how others reason. And Twitter is also wonderfully lacking of pseudo artsy fartsy Instagram like selfies and food photos.

If you are in the studio and start working on a new track, where does your inspiration come from?

I usually load up a synth at random, and try to just browse patches, hitting away on my keyboard to see if something comes to me. I also keep a playlist in my Spotify account where I save tracks of all sorts of genres, for inspiration.

How long do you usually work on a production / remix?

These days, it takes much longer than it used to. Ten years ago I could hammer out a few tracks per month, no problem. These days, perhaps due to my high expectations on myself, it takes about 4-6 weeks.

Can we expect more productions / remixes soon?

I hope so. I’m in the studio more often these days, that’s a good thing.

What do you use in your studio? You still use hardware?

Never been a hardware guy. All about software! I run my trusted Ableton Live DAW, and I’m a heavy user of Uhe Zebra and Omnisphere. True work horses!

What kind of advice would you give to aspiring producers?

It takes time. There’s no fast way to getting that “pro sound”. Listen to a lot of music, break songs down, listen to specifics, how are they using effects, how does everything play together. Trying to recreate a favorite track is also a good way to learn new things.

What is your ultimate geek / nerd guilty pleasure? A gadget, a movie or something else?

I run the largest tech podcast in Sweden since seven years, so I’m a true geek at heart. It’s tough to pick just something, but right now I have to go with my Sonos system. Speakers in all rooms, playing in perfect syncronicity, I love it.

If there would be one party or one festival in the world, where you could play still, which one would you choose and why?

Never been to Burning Man, but from everything I’ve read an seen about it, I would love to play there.

Thanks for your time and good luck with the release!

Pick one:
The Prodigy or Underworld
Snus or Swedish Meat Balls
Star Wars or Star Trek
Meat or fish
Beer or wine
Reading a book or watch a movie
(I’m an absolute movie nut, but also love reading, so almost impossible to pick)

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