Artist Interview: Dan Dobson

Dan Dobson is no stranger to the Flashover family with three releases under his belt so far, and a fourth one coming up in 2017! Time to catch up for a ‘face to face’ with the man from Manchester.

Hey Dan, thanks for taking the time for this short interview, we hope you’re well! For people that might not know you yet, can you give us a short intro about yourself?
Hey, no problem! I’m dj/producer originally from North East England but have been living in Manchester for the last 7 years. Lucky enough to be resident at Rong here in Manchester for the last 3 years which is great experience. Been given plenty of opportunities to warm up the main room for some of the world’s biggest trance DJs and I’m really thankful for that! I started producing in 2010 and it’s grown from a hobby into a full-on addiction over the last few years, I love it!

If you haven’t heard my productions I’d describe them as progressive, melodic and uplifting.

This past year you joined Flashover with Bali Sunrise and followed it with The Distance Between Us and most recently Rapture. How did you end up on the label?
Yeah it’s been a really good 6 months or so on the label, I’m really enjoying working with the Flashover team. Around June time I was going through some old projects and came across one I’d started in January, I loved the bassline but hadn’t come up with a strong melody to go with it. After loads of different versions I finally settled on one which is now “Bali Sunrise” I like to send my tracks to other producers for feedback and Sean (Solis & Sean Truby) suggested Flashover.

The melody in The Distance Between Us was originally made for a track which has a more techno feel to it, I was working on that when the email came through from Flashover about signing Bali Sunrise and realised that it could potentially be another on Flashover. I decided to remake the track in a different style and was really happy to get that one signed as well!

With Rapture, I’ve been a fan of Holbrook & SkyKeeper’s music for a while, I love their sound and their production feels like it’s gone up a level this year. In 2016 I decided to not do many collabs and concentrate on originals. But when Michael got in touch about the collab it felt like it would be a good opportunity. Really happy with how it worked out.

What does your routine in the studio look like?
The studio I rent is about a 20 min drive from home, I like to get here first thing to avoid traffic. I seem to be more productive in the morning as there are usually less distractions. My studio is two floors underground, got no windows so it’s really easy to loose track of time.

I’m using Logic 9 still, not made the switch to Logic X yet! Have a pair of Adam A7X monitors which I love. Also have a Virus Ti2. Most of the time I like to start with the breakdown, writing chords & a melody and then build the track around that.

How long does it usually take you to finish a production?
If it’s a good day I can get a track written in a day, but then take about 2 weeks to produce it and get a general mixdown done. Sometimes I leave a track at this stage for a while and work on something else, then come back to it a few weeks later with fresh ears and go over the mixdown in more detail. It just depends what mood I’m in but usually can have a track 100% finished within a month.

What’s your favorite studio gear, software or hardware?
It’s a love/hate relationship with my Virus Ti. Bali Sunrise was mostly all done with the virus. At times it drives me crazy as it goes out of sync, plus you have to bounce each part to audio in real time so if you want to go back and change things later its a bit of a nightmare. But you can get some really great sounds from it.

Which track by another producer do you wish you had produced?
There are loads! Recently 4Strings – Wondering, so simple but so good! Also Cloud 10 by Quincy Weigert is really cool.

What kind of music do you listen to in the car or when you’re at home?
Markus Schulz’ city series compilations are always on in the car, also love a bit of driving Techno.

If you have to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Persistent, Honest, Reliable

Can you reveal some stuff which 2017 has in store for you?
Loads more music on the way! I have another single coming out on Flashover in January, a 2 track EP on Outburst, a collab in the works with Craig Connelly plus a few more things I’m working on 🙂

What are your plans for the upcoming holidays?
Planning on heading home to Durham and spending time with family over Christmas. Got some gigs to look forward to as well.

I’m playing in Newcastle 23rd December for Goodgreef Xmas party and at Wax Format in Leeds for NYE

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
I love my food and been known to pig out quite a bit.

Pick One:
Instagram or Snapchat?
Snapchat! If you want to see what I’m up to in the studio add me dan.dobson

Cocktails or Beers

Football or Rugby

Summer or Winter

Christmas or NYE

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