Artist Interview: Dimension

The year 2015 has been a great year for Spanish producer Dimension. In February, Flashover Recordings started to hype his track Origami on social media and the buzz around this track was amazing. Huge support by almost every trance DJ and after the release mid March, it reached the #1 position of the Beatport Trance Chart in just a few days. Origami even made it to #43 in the Beatport main chart and to #7 on the best selling trance tracks of 2015. His latest track Bocanegra is just out and already received great support from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, Andrew Rayel and of course Ferry Corsten. He’s also nominated as Best New Artist at the Vicious Magazine Awards in Spain.

Time for a quick interview with Borja a.k.a. Dimension!

If you have to mention 3 things that you still remember the best from the entire hype around Origami, which things come to your mind then?

First thing that comes to mind is how hard it was to be quiet, but also the discussion on forums, especially TranceFix where the entire world though it was Ferry Corsten who was behind the track, haha! Last but certainly not least the awesome boom on my social media after the reveal that I was the producer of Origami.

Did a lot change for you after the news came out that you were the producer of Origami?

As producer, I think the biggest change was that I became even more strict with myself when making music; I want to revive the incredible moments I had when everyone was talking about Origami. For me it means that I keep working really hard. As a DJ, Origami has changed my entire life; now I’ve started to DJ and travel around the world… It has always been a dream for me to do this, but if you would have told me, that this dream would become reality this year, I would have never believed you!

The year 2015 is almost at its end, what are your favorite memories of the year?

I’ve had a lot of them and I keep them in my mind as pure gold. My favorite moments are the ones just before you know something big is about to happen. That’s what I enjoy the most. My highlights of 2015 are definitely the announcement of Origami, my first time in London and also my first trip to Ibiza. In Ibiza I finally met Ferry for the first time, we had dinner and a nice chat with him as well. Also my trip to Montreal was amazing!

What can we expect from you in 2016?

We have big, big plans for next year and I’m very excited for them. As always, I focus on my music and keep working very hard. I still try to manage my expectations, I always find it much better to see what happens, instead of expecting some big things which may never come. Step by step!

How long do you work on a track usually?

It depends a lot! Sometimes it takes me 4-6 weeks and sometimes only 2 weeks. While working on a track, I spend the most part of my time on trying to make it sound exactly how I want, the right kick, the right percussion, the right bassline… I’m lucky because when I read interviews from other artists I realize that lot of them, are wasting time on the melodies and feeling of the track. And I do just the opposite.

What kind of sofware/hardware do you use in your studio?

I’m using a pair of speakers M-Audio BX5a, a midi keyboard M-Audio Oxygen and an audio interface Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 running with FL Studio 12. The plugins I use the most are Spire, Sylenth, Nexus, Art Acoustics Reverb and a bundle of Fabfilter.

Do you have any advice for people that just start with producing music?

First thing for me is feel the need to make your own music and then… patience ! I’ve have been teaching for a while last year and 90% of the people just dream to be like Armin, Avicii or Hardwell out of nothing, or they want to buy hardware before they try any sequencer… It’s funny because when they open a sequencer and discover how hard it is and the time it takes to learn they start to complain about if and if you ask how long they have spend on FL Studio during the last week the answer is always the same; I didn’t have any time.

For me the key is that you need to make your own music, enjoy what you’re doing, feel what you’re making and have a lot of patience!

What kind of music do you listen to when you are at home or in your car?

I usually listen to electronic dance music (Especially trance) but other times I like discover other things as well. Lately I’m trying to understand why I am not a huge fan of rap and the hip-hop genre. I found out that I really like melodic hip-hop, for example a track called “ Arce – Lucifer”. It has a lot of energy, I think I could mix these kind of voices with a trance basslines! 😛

Which track (from another producer or a band, no matter what genre) do you wish you had produced?

Major Lazer & DJ Snake with Lean On. Have you seen how many plays they have on YouTube? Wow!

How do you get inspiration when you start working on new music?

Sometimes I get inspiration from other songs and sometimes my music depends a lot on my state of mind or what’s happening in my life. When I made Vicus or Furia, I was angry or frustrated, I was very happy and hopeful while making Origami or melancholic when I was working on Moments.

If you have to describe yourself with 3 words, which 3 words would that be?

Honest, (a bit) doubtful and positive.

What is your ultimate geek / nerd guilty pleasure? A gadget, a movie or something else?

I´ve bought a map and I’m placing a pin on every place I have ever been DJ-ing, haha!

Pick one:
Aston Martin or Ferarri
Beer or wine
Sushi or Chicken
Twitter or Facebook
Star Wars or Star Trek
What happens if I tell you I have not seen either of them? *shame*

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