Do you think your music has what it takes? Submit your demo via the form below and we’ll guarantee to listen to it!
Read up on tips to submit your demo in our Flashover Blog entry; Submitting a demo, where to start?

Some guidelines:
– Finished and extended tracks are accepted only. Snippets and previews will be deleted.
– No remixes, bootlegs and mashups please. We don’t have any rights to release them and don’t give any feedback either.
– Genres we’re looking for: trance, house (for our Boom Tsjak imprint).
– 192 or 320 kbps MP3 only, WAV or AIFF files are not accepted by the form.
– If you submit a soundcloud link, make sure the download is enabled! Tracks available for free downloads for the public will be deleted.
– Once you’ve submitted your demo, please check your inbox for a confirmation email! Didn’t get any? Check your spam or junk folder!
– A reply usually takes about two weeks. However, due to circumstances it can take a bit longer sometimes. Please be patient, all submissions via the form will 100% get a reply.



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